2021 Christmas Outfit Ideas For This Christmas Holiday

This winter, the list of things to look forward to is pretty long: finally, being with close friends and family, eating good food (and lots of desserts), and getting dressed for the party. After all, it’s the season of fancy parties and Friends Day dinners, and celebrating in style is our specialty.

If you’re stumped on what to wear for the seasonal 2021 series, we’ve prepared and gathered inspiration for holiday outfits that you might be able to match with what’s already in your closet. Whether you like velvet, glitter, knitting, or prints, you’re sure to find some fun ideas for any arrangement.

The holiday season is the best time of year, isn’t it? Between meeting up with closest friends and family and sipping hot chocolate by the fire, there’s a lot to look forward to this Christmas season.

With so many activities and events around your busy schedule, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of ensembles to plan. And between family gatherings and Christmas parties, putting together a Christmas Eve outfit can be a belated thought.

Depending on how you and your loved ones spent the night before Christmas, it can be difficult to dress for the occasion. For some, the evening can turn into a formal dinner for everyone, including the extended family. For others, it can be a movie night in your most comfortable clothes.

That’s why our editors share what they’ll be wearing this Christmas Eve. We hope each of our visions will help you inspire style inspiration, or at least give you an idea of ​​what to wear for a night of partying.

Combination of plaid and velvet Christmas Outfit

Combination of Plaid And Velvet

To this day, red and green squares are still festive prints, which leads us to the classic combination of party wear, tartan prints, and velvet. Let the two work for 2021 by styling your favorite bodysuit with a plush velvet blazer and midi skirt for a sleek and elegant look.

Some metal Christmas Outfit

Some Metal

Add sparkle to your festive ensemble with a silver or gold dress. Which shape and style you choose are up to you. Choose the silhouette you feel most comfortable with, then add a personal touch with accessories that will help you shine at your next event.

Full sequin suit Christmas Outfit

Full Sequin Suit

Half the fun about the holiday season is embracing shiny clothes. Take things to new heights by replacing your traditional costume with a sequined one. If this step seems too heavy for you, choose a set in a darker or softer color against a neutral background, such as black boots or a textured white shirt.

Beautiful Pants Christmas Outfit

Beautiful Pants

If you are a simpler person but still want to stand out this year, attention to the lower of your holiday outfit. With a white blouse or an elegant black turtleneck sweater, sequins or leather pants catch the eye.

Winter white Christmas Outfit

Winter White

Winter white has something so romantic and elegant. To spice up this monochrome look, play with the textures. Add a faux leather cardigan or jacket, opt for a fuzzy knit, or look for a cut with intricate beading.

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Celebrate With Friends

Vest and jeans Christmas Outfit

Vest And Jeans

Cute button-down vests can add a festive touch to everyday items like jeans and t-shirts. Choose a light color option and pair it with lighter-colored underwear that adds contrast. Sweet and cozy friends give the look, done!

Big dress with a sweater Christmas Outfit

Big Dress With a Sweater

A dress with a sweater is everything: comfortable, modern, and practical. Moreover, it is a finished garment that can be strengthened in various ways. For a get-together with friends, a pair of chunky boots, a blazer, add a layered necklace, or even an extra knit for a simple but not boring look.

Checkered cut Christmas Outfit

Checkered Cut

Plaid creates not only a festive atmosphere but also a distinctive autumn-winter print. If you have a plaid dress in your closet, wear it over a turtleneck for an elegant look, or style your favorite sweater with eye-catching plaid pants.

Sweaters and pants Christmas Outfit

Sweaters And Pants

If you’re looking for a cheery vibe between jeans and a tank top, we recommend wrapping up your holiday outfit in a pair of oversized trousers. Even though they’re polished, they’re still roomy enough for lounging on the couch and can be worn with your favorite knitwear, matching jacket, and baseball cap.

Suitable sets Christmas Outfit

Suitable Sets

If your goal is to be as comfortable as possible at the Christmas party with your friends, then jogging and your favorite sneakers are not a mistake. However, it will be easier to choose a bright suit that will make you look more modern by blocking out the color of your shoes.

For your family reunion

Sweaters and jeans Christmas Outfit

Sweaters And Jeans

Sometimes the best clothes are the ones that don’t go overboard. A classic sweater with jeans for example for shoes and heels is a combination that works year after year. Plus, if you’re looking for an extra festive vibe – and a piece that stands out – you can always opt for a cheerful, seasonal color like green, blue, or even white.

Seashell dress or skirt set Christmas Outfit

Seashell Dress or Skirt Set

If your family gathering is more formal, go the traditional way with a dress of medium length, or better yet, a set with a matching skirt. Dress up fast, but you can still do it yourself with accessories. It also goes well with any shoe, from boots to sneakers to heels.

Blazer and fat skirt Christmas Outfit 2021

Blazer And Fat Skirt

A lively or embellished skirt – whether with ruffles, tulle, satin, pearl, or something else – can make a great stylish piece at a Christmas party. Accent your outfit and add a bold blazer and boots to bring it all together.

Vision is like a deck chair Christmas Outfit 2021

Vision is Like A Deck Chair

Pajama or festive ensemble? The velvet set feels like both. The fabric is elegant and festive, yet stretchy like a sunbed, so you can move around and not have to tug on clothes all night long. Adding electricity will help you beautify something.

Fashion Accessories

When aiming for a more luxurious and neat position in your everyday outfit, focus on the small details and get the most out of layering. Vests, for example, are a modern product that will keep you warm and also break up solid color combinations. Oversized boots add a more wholesome feel to your look and a layered necklace adds something definite.


Everyday holiday parties are great fun. Surrounded by friends, family, loved ones, and close acquaintances, you want to make a statement while remaining cozy and comfortable. Wearing clothes such as pants, overalls or casual dresses is the best choice for a casual party.

Wearing pants like the Phase Eight Geri Pantsuit is a surefire way to feel comfortable without sacrificing style. These pants fit all body types and are perfect for an everyday drink or sit-down dinner in a more formal setting. We recommend styling with blouses in blocks in light colors like pink or red.

Flat overalls are also a great outfit for any Christmas time. Easy to wear, easy to style, and comfortable, whether you’re dancing, skating, visiting the best Christmas bazaars, or attending a casual Christmas party with friends and family. We love the River Island jumpsuit with green sequins for a classic silhouette that is both chic and festive. Another piece of clothing that suits different body types – that you don’t like.

Casual dresses are the perfect outfit for family celebrations and Christmas lunches with friends. The Midaxi Marks & Spencer Animal Print Tie Front shirt dress is a universal dress perfect for all everyday occasions. Pair it with brown Chelsea boots and a cardigan or a chunky sweater for a casual and comfortable look that you can wear again and again – for Christmas or not.


Christmas Outfit Ideas 2021

An office Christmas party can be both casual and formal – depending on the location, dress code, and workplace. If you’re on your way to a Christmas cocktail party, a glitter leather dress would make the perfect ensemble, but if you’re going out to a fancy restaurant or a formal dinner, a pretty and pretty dress might be more appropriate for the occasion.

If you’re going to cocktails with a group of happy and optimistic coworkers, the Lurex Clash Never Fully Dressed midi dress will make the most beautiful and bold statement. Go from day to night in this dress thanks to colorful accents and wear your best winter boots by day and heels by night.

For more formal gatherings, the London Chi Chi scallop dress with prominent shoulders in navy blue creates an elegant and sophisticated look that is sure to blend in with more formal and elegant surroundings.

If your workplace is hosting a black-tie event for Christmas, a Karen Millen Falls maxi dress might be perfect for the occasion. Timeless silhouettes always represent a more formal attitude, which is why this waterfall-style gown made of beautiful velvet is perfect. Wear it with a pointed toe and long tailcoat for the ultimate classic look, or wear an Audrey Hepburn trench coat.

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