The 9 Best Foods And Drinks To Have Before Bed

Food and drink are very important for all humans but it needs particular timing and proper quantity to consume it.

The same rules apply to sleep. Sleep is also a must & it has to be proper. When you have a proper meal you will definitely feel comfortable and in bonus, you will get proper sleep.

Here we will discuss the Best foods to eat before bed as well as Healthy & good drinks to have before sleep as below.

As it turns out, what you eat as a snack before your bedtime can play a big role in your digestive system and overall health including sleep.

Best foods to EatBest drinks before bedtime

Eating these above foods and drinks before bedtime will make you feel relax because they improve your digestive system as well as make you fall asleep comfortably. If you cannot sleep and if you can’t figure out why this happens, try to avoid heavy & sneaky foods from your routine.

These foods and drinks work as a sleep aid according to Richards. Medical says that certain foods and drinks can help you sleep smoothly, they have the power to calm your system and create a sleep-inducing effect in your body and it directly affects your sleep and makes it easier.



Kiwi is the best juicy fruit for our sleep as well as our overall health. Mostly, 2 kiwi fruits before 1 hour of your bedtime for 4 weeks fall asleep 35 % faster compared to those who don’t take this fruit.

Besides being rich in carotenoids, vitamin C and E, and antioxidants, it also contains a familiar hormone, serotonin.

According to the Asia pacific journal of Clinical nutrition’s research, these sleep hormones belong to Rapid eye movement sleep and its low levels may cause insomnia.

We also can use this kiwifruit for other above foods for insomnia and anxiety. Kiwi is rich in folate which decreases the chances of insomnia.



Sleep is an important part of making any diet and exercise plan work properly, as it allows your mind & body to process and to recover from all the sweating and breakdown of muscle. Cherries are the perfect fruit to have before your bedtime.

As the European journal of nutrition research, a person who takes just one ounce of the cherry tart a day can provide you with a longer sleep with a more sound one.

Cherries are natural sleep aid and it delivers melatonin content. Naturally, a produced hormone helps and gives a direct feeling of sleeping.



Sweet potato is one of the best vegetables to eat for good health & to provide you with healthy sleep, but so long as it’s not made within French fries material, though. Sweet potatoes can help you sleep better as well as longer.

Registered dietitian of Bumpin Blends explains that “Sweet Potatoes especially contain vitamin B6 which helps to boost your mood and gives you melatonin which helps you to sleep better.

In addition, this vegetable is richer in fiber so it won’t let you hunger in the middle of the night. You also can make so many different & delicious dishes with sweet potatoes as a light dinner.



Bananas are a perfect source & rich in magnesium and potassium. Bananas can provide your body a sleepy feeling state by helping with body muscles relaxations.

In General research and study from the medical science “Magnesium helps & delivers positive effects of early & easy sleep for quite elder adults with insomnia.

Banana also helps with tryptophan; it is also helping with calming & regulating your sleep hormones melatonin and serotonin exactly.

There are also so many varieties of food we can make from bananas to get wealthy sleep and be healthy.



Almond is the one type of nut, which is very rich & high in magnesium and Calcium. Almond is one of the superb foods that help you sleep well, because of the calcium inside it.

Almonds & cashews work together to relax your muscles & make your body very calm. Calcium helps there as your brain converts amino acids into sleep-inducing melatonin.

It is rich and expensive to purchase but worthy to buy & have it for your fine health.



Low sugar cereal with skim milk is the perfect bedtime snack. Milk always contains the amino acid tryptophan, which serves as a pioneer for the serotonin hormone sleep convince power.

Just make sure with your milk which has to be a low-fat one to digest properly and provide you with its particular benefits to be happy and sleep well.



One of the best relaxing Tea is lemon balm tea. This tangy tea provides us with a natural sedative.

Some researchers reported that “they observed reduced levels of sleep disorders by using lemon balm tea compared to those who were given a placebo”.



Chicken noodle soup will provide you ease in your body, help to relax your muscles and keep your mind calm. It is the ultimately comfortable liquid food that is rich in protein.

It is very well known as the best bedtime snack. Soup in any flavor is always easy to digest.

You can definitely try chicken noodle soup to have an amazing and healthy dinner for your digestive system as well as your sleeping comfort.



There are many Herbal teas that offer amazing effects through their flavones. This tea is one of the best drinks to help you sleep well with its resins.

Passionflower tea has amazing anti anxiety advantages as well as it is also a mild sedative that helps you to calm your nervousness so you can easily and comfortably sleep at night.

The specialty of this tea is, it is one of the best drinks before bed for weight loss.

However, there are so many best foods to eat as well as healthy to drink before your bedtime but the above foods and drinks are much better to have if you want to take their many hidden benefits. Those are the best foods to eat at night to lose weight as well.

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As we all know Good sleep & our Dinner both are extremely important for our health. It is generally 7 to 8 hours of sleep recommended by any physicians as well as dinner is also described by dieticians that before sunset and within a certain limit to take for good sleep, proper digestion and to maintain good health.

Always try to Eat Healthy, Sleep Healthy & Stay Healthy, because health is considered as wealth.

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